Drone Inspections: Why have an inspection done by a certified drone inspector? The drones can quickly and safely produce detailed and accurate inspection data. In addition, it replaces the traditional methods that are likely to produce inaccurate data due to human error and other factors. Licensed FAA remote pilots can launch a drone inspection within a very short time upon request. In addition, drones are fast and capable of completing an inspection in 5-20 minutes. As such, an insurance company, construction engineer, lending company or prospective home buyer can easily request an inspection and get results in less than one hour. 

Jonas Independent Contracting has the ability to detect and assess storm damage with drones. 

To learn more about how Jonas Independent Contracting can help you when a storm affects your home or business, click below to watch the videos that outline our services. Call to schedule your inspection at 704-956-0221 or contact us today!


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