Jonas Independent Contracting, LLC works hard to establish a great reputation in the Charlotte community by helping homeowners and businesses get their home or business back in order after storms cause hail, rain, or wind damage. See us for any of the following services:

Insurance Claim Representation

Roof Replacements and Repairs

Severe Weather Inspections
Drone Inspections

Floor & Ceiling Repairs or Replacements

Painting - Interior and Exterior


We offer both residential and commercial roof replacements and roof repairs. We also have established positive relationships with insurance adjusters in the Charlotte area to help our customers get roofs replaced or interior repairs completed due to storm damage. 


We realize every customer has unique needs and we pay close attention to accommodate their unique situation so our customers can relax and not worry with the complexities involved when they are dealing with damage to their homes or businesses due to storms.


Insurance Claim Representation: For many homeowners and business owners, filing an insurance claim can be intimidating. Is the damage bad enough to need to make a claim? We have positive relations with insurance companies and bring our expertise to help homeowners and businesses to get the maximum claim coverage. We notify the insurance company of your loss and ensure they have proper documentation, then negotiate with the insurance company for a fair settlement. This is why we have many happy customers. We work hard to establish a great reputation in the Charlotte area. 

Roof-Related Services: We are primarily a roofing contractor and all of our roofing components are quality GAF materials and our customers get a 50-year warranty on our roofs. So you can be assured you're getting the best roofing components for the protection of your home or business. We provide the following services related to roofs of homes and businesses:

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GAF Certified Roofing Contractor

  • New Roof Installations

  • Complete tear off and replacements

  • In Depth Inspections

  • Flashing inspections, sealing and repairs

  • Emergency Assistance (tarp service until repairs can be made)

  • Complete job site clean up and removal



Severe Weather Inspections: Have you noticed the numerous roofs being replaced recently and yard signs with "Roof replaced due to Wind-Hail damage" being placed in the yards of these homes? Have you considered that your roof and or home may have been affected as well? There have been many roofs in NC being replaced recently, and the reason the majority of these roofs are in need of and are being replaced can be largely contributed to the severe weather and storms that have affected the state recently. Jonas Independent Contracting, LLC offers a comprehensive & thorough professional inspection of the roof and exterior of your home for any and all damage that can be contributed to the severe weather that has impacted our area. To view more about our severe weather inspection services, click here.

Drone Inspections: Why have an inspection done by a certified drone inspector? The drones can quickly and safely produce detailed and accurate inspection data. In addition, it replaces the traditional methods that are likely to produce inaccurate data due to human error and other factors. Licensed FAA remote pilots can launch a drone inspection within a very short time upon request. In addition, drones are fast and capable of completing an inspection in 5-20 minutes. As such, an insurance company, construction engineer, lending company or prospective home buyer can easily request an inspection and get results in less than one hour.  Jonas Independent Contracting has the ability to detect and assess storm damage with drones. To read more about our Drone Inspections, click here.


Home Interior Repairs - Floors, Ceilings and Walls: If a storm causes damage to the interior of your home or business, we can also help homeowners and business owners get their homes and businesses back in order with floor replacement due to leaks, ceiling and wall stain repairs, and other interior areas of a home or business compromised by storm damage. 

Professional Painting - Interior & Exterior: If your home's interior or exterior are in need of a fresh look (due to storms or otherwise), leave it to the experts. Jonas Independent Contracting has a dependable and experienced professional painting team to give your home a whole new look.  

To learn more about how we can help you when a storm affects your home or business, click below to watch the videos that outline our services. Call to schedule your inspection at 704-956-0221 or send an email today!


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